Premium Precision Cutting Tools

Deep Jet is a family operated company, which was originally founded in 2005. Back then, the company mainly focused on the R&D and sales of domestic turning and milling tools. In order to expand business, we decided to join the sales network of Kyocera in Japan in 2006 to become one of the authorized dealers in Taiwan. In response to the market demands of “Faster Delivery,” “Better Precision,” and “Longer Life,” in 2008, moreover, we built up our own manufacturing factory dedicating to the design and manufacture of cutting tools for a complete range of metal removal applications for all industries. Furthermore, Deep Jet also introduced the 5-axis grinding machine and inspection facilities to offer our customers the best products and service at the best value possible. Now we have our own brand of DBLI and the most important and proudest thing is that we have more than 30 dedicated and devoted people working hard with us!

Offering quality products to our customers is always our top concern. With the smooth cooperation with Kyocera, we have the confidence that all products are supposed to be able to be manufactured and customized based on our customers’ requirements and be delivered on time at the place required. Putting our customers first is always our core value, and we’re constantly striving to improve our products which become better and better!

Own Brand

  • DBLI
  • DBLI
  • With the constant improvement in cost-efficiency and quality of our DBLI, we're now capable of manufacturing high-performance tungsten carbide drills and power flat bottom drills, just to name a few, featuring in unequal milling cutters with specific geometries and unequal spiral angles to carry out a high efficiency and high stability in operations. Thus, we can provide our customers with the best and innovative products which satisfy all demands of machining operations. Moreover, in order to better make our products, we have used both ultra-fine and nanograined materials that are acquired from Japan and Germany to get better resistance, strength and hardness. All our products are expertly made and processed by centerless grinding for surface treatment and other required CNC grinding processes. After that, we also perform a strict quality control to guarantee our customers the best quality of products. Thus with both of a higher customization level and a much better price, DBLI’s turning, milling tools and ultrahard cutting tools have been favored widely in the market.

Acting Brand

  • Kyocera
  • Kyocera
  • With the aid of Kyocera's quality tools and the plenty of experience in precision machining, our customers' productivity and profitability will undoubtedly be increased. Besides, we can provide our customers with innovative and advanced tools, that can be used for turning, boring, grinding, grooving, threading and cutting, based on different materials (such as carbide, cermet, ceramic, CBN etc.) with various PCDs. Both the Kyocera's modern precision technology and these advanced and premium materials have won great appreciation and trust from our customers.
  • Nachi
  • The drills and milling inserts we are selling on behalf of Nachi Japan have unique advantages in product's performance, job cycle and price. In order to satisfy our customers' demands, we have built up sufficient stock of Nachi's common tools such as L7572P, L7570P, L6520, L500, L6478, L6480, L6482, L6272P, and L6274P.